round-up Returns to
Hummingbird Nest ranch
 March 30, 2019

​‘More Like Me’, Robinson’s fifth studio album in his career is aptly titled to reflect his true sound. “This is one hundred percent my sound and my music. While I am proud of the success in my career to this point, this album signifies me as an artist and as a songwriter more than anything I have done before,” Robinson says.

 ‘Roses On The Radio’, is a song that everyone can relate to. “It’s one of those summertime songs that makes you want to roll your windows down and crank it up to ten. It’s just a feel-good carefree song that makes you forget about your worries.”

When Luke Robinson started recording ‘Sleeping On Your Side’ Robinson didn’t realize how close to home the song would hit. While in the studio Luke went through the dissolution of a three year relationship, then lost his Dad in an auto accident. In light of losing his father, the song takes on a whole new meaning – not only to Luke, but his entire family. “‘Sleeping On Your Side’ is one of those songs that no matter who you are, you can relate to it. We’ve all had our share of heartache, pain, and loss in life in some form,” Robinson says.

Luke Robinson