April 14, 2018
Rancho Simi Community Park

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in the meantime join us for Dance at the Ranch!

Country music has always been a way of life for Justin Honsinger. Justin was raised in a cowboy family where he learned to rope, ride, and sing classic country songs starting at age four.
Having had the good fortune of spending time with many top country music musicians, Justin became interested in singing and playing guitar at a very young age, and grew to love the authentic sounds of rootsy artists including Merle Haggard, Buck Owens, Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings, Ray Price, and a myriad of honky-tonk heroes. Performing onstage since he was four years old, Justin’s mission with his own work is to keep that authentic country music sound alive. 
Justin has developed a career crafting a sound and style that draws on the past but is truly his own. Justin’s strong songwriting ability augments his vocal talents, and his words capture perfectly the thought and feelings others have always tried to say.
With a strong sense of mission and dedication, Justin spends his time writing lyrics, composing melodies, and recording his work in the studio. Justin recently completed his latest album, ‘Let Me Show You’.

Justin Honsinger